Hello! We’re so happy you are here! 2020 has proven to be the most difficult year we have experienced in our lifetime.  During stressful times, self-care is more important than ever.  Living Yoga is here to partner with you to bring more grace and ease into your life.  Our caring instructors will meet you where you are and hold space for you just as you are.  You don’t need to be flexible, wear the “right” clothes, or know anything at all about yoga.  Like yoga, our community is nonjudgmental, fully accepting, compassionate and kind.  We open our arms to you and hope to see you soon!

With love,
All of us at Living Yoga.

2020 Holiday Events
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Practicing At Home?

Here are some tips to create your home yoga studio.

  • Find a space where you can shut a door, dim the lights, and play some of your favorite music.
  • Lay out your mat and, if you have props, keep them close by.  Some props you might like to use include blocks, bolsters, an eye pillow and a blanket or two.
  • Add some special touches such as a candle, aromatherapy, or have your pet join you! Pets respond very well to yoga.  Many poses are named after them!
  • When it’s time for class, let your family know this is your time and ask for their cooperation. If you have little ones and no one to take care of them while you practice, let them be a part of your practice.  Sometimes life is messy.  Yoga is not about having everything perfect, it’s about making the best of your present circumstances with patience and kindness.
  • Please don’t skip the final relaxation pose!  Lie down and relax your body, quiet your mind, and lighten your heart.  Savasana is THE most important pose of your practice!
  • Purchase your Virtual or Bliss + Virtual Membership from Living Yoga!

Membership includes unlimited access to our Live schedule and On Demand Library. Practice with us anytime, anywhere!

Membership includes either 8 or 4 monthly studio classes plus the Virtual Membership.  Practice with us at Living Yoga OR at home!

Practicing in the studio?

Here are some safety reminders
when you come to the studio!

  • If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home until you feel better.
  • Pre-register for classes as space is limited.
  • Upon arrival, use hand sanitizer and wear your mask until you are on your mat.
  • Bring your own mat.
  • Wipe down blocks after use.
  • If you pre-register and are unable to come to class, please cancel your registration as soon as possible to open space for your fellow yogis.
  • Purchase your membership or class pack for studio classes only!

Memberships include either 8 or 4 studio classes per month. Class Pack has 90-day expiration.


We have so much we’d like to share with you! 
We hope you choose to become a part of our community!


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