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Living Yoga is pleased to offer both in-studio and online classes. Our mission is to provide you with quality, effective, and enjoyable yoga classes so you will come to your mat eagerly and often to receive the wonderful benefits yoga has to offer. Join us in the way that works for you.

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You MATter Yoga for Kids K-5

Mondays| 4pm

ONE: A Yoga Retreat for Women

May 1 & 2

EVENT CANCELLED The Kundalini Energy System

Saturday | March 14

Welcome to this sanctuary where you are accepted just as you are.
Step onto your mat and feel the demands of life fade away.
Immerse yourself in a journey that is for you ~ and only you.
Explore the inner layers of your being ~ body, mind, breath and spirit.
Discover your true self ~ and let your light shine.
Allow us to celebrate you ~ your strength, your softness, your wisdom and your grace.
Return to your life glowing with renewed energy, a refreshed spirit and a warm heart.
We invite you to this journey, again and again.
Welcome to Living Yoga.
~awaken to your greatness~


Our Happy Clients

“Love coming to Yoga.  I get crabby when I can’t get there (No, not me!).  I notice so much more strength in my legs, arms and abs when I do things.  I was telling my family the other day that I have a history of spraining my ankle and in my memory I have not done this since I started yoga!  I also stepped in a hole the other day – no problem!  With all of the busy-ness of life sometimes I feel very stressed and anxious.  After a yoga practice I feel so much calmer and ready to start the day.”

Tawny Arthur

“I joined Living Yoga to build core strength after back surgery.  I didn’t realize that yoga would do so much more for me than strengthen my body.  I am a busy, working mom; yoga has helped me de-stress, center on the present moment, and stay calm throughout my day.  I believe I am a better mom because I take this time to work on myself.  The instructors at Living Yoga have been extremely helpful along my journey.  At first, it was difficult for me to do many of the poses because of the weakness in my back.  They took the time to help me find ways to modify moves and come up with replacement poses for the ones I couldn’t do.  Living Yoga is a very special place.  If feel lucky to go there each week.”

Nicki Yackley-Franken

“I joined Living Yoga and starting practicing yoga for the first time a months ago at the age of 50.  I only wish I had started years ago.  I have more strength and flexibility, move easier, am less stressed and am sleeping better.  I’m more appreciative of my imperfect body and move more mindfully in my daily activities.  I just feel so much better, physically and emotionally, than I did a few months ago.  There’s a saying that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now.  The same thing goes for taking up yoga.

Kris Bean

“Living Yoga is a sanctuary for me to enter.  Every time I have attended a class at Living Yoga I have felt the peace and serenity that one should at a yoga studio.  I honestly feel at peace in this studio.  It is such a great way to feel!  The classes are diverse and are suited to every kind of yoga and pilates student.  I have found the classes that work best for my body and skill level.  The instructors are top notch at Living Yoga and always look to improve the ability of their students.  They try to take each one of us to our next level sometimes without us even realizing it.  I have never regretted attending a class here or felt that is wasn’t an excellent choice for my body.  I am so lucky to have Living Yoga and all their wonderful instructors.  I try to practice gratitude which is instilled in us through the practice of Yoga and I am grateful for Living Yoga in Watertown.”

Susan Jones

“Living Yoga gives you something you can’t get from other exercise.  When I leave a class, I feel like I’ve had a massage.  It’s amazing how the instructor seems to know just what you need on that day to release tension, build strength and improve balance.  Introductory classes are free – I would encourage anyone who is looking for a different way to learn about yourself to give it a try!”

Connie Gertsen

Being new to the Watertown community, I have gained a new family with the welcoming staff and members at Living Yoga.  I practice yoga to gain strength and flexibility, but I really appreciate the oasis Living Yoga provides where I can focus on concentration and mental health as well.”

Kelly Jaderborg

“I look forward to going to classes at Living Yoga every week! The instructors I have had there have all been amazing! They are highly motivational and great at cueing.  The Pilates and/or yoga stretches feel amazing.  I feel so much better, my core is stronger, my limbs feel longer and my posture has improved from the classes.  The hour long classes are great stress reducers, too. Try it, you will love it!”

Jamie Veeder

“Time spent on my mat at Living Yoga is the best way I know to honor this body I was given, one that I really need to move me gracefully and strongly into my future.  I try to get to classes three times a week and feel great when I am done, knowing that I have truly given myself a gift.  They have  a great group of instructors, each running their classes in a very dedicated, prepared and helpful manner.  They are so good at challenging us to do more, while encouraging us to respect where our bodies can take us at the moment.  Living Yoga is a wonderful studio… feel free to join us!”

Toni Popham

Going to yoga class is the best part of my day. The instructors make it truly a benefit for my mind, body and soul. For my mind they say, “Let go of all thoughts from your busy day.” For my body they say, “Push yourself to get the greatest benefit, but listen to your body.” For my soul they say, “Be good to yourself…if you can’t be good to yourself, it is hard to be good to others.” I look forward to class at Living Yoga. I am always greeted by name with a smile and I leave with so much appreciation for the total mind and body relaxation. Thank you Living Yoga!”

Lynn Langner

“I love going to class at Living Yoga! It centers my entire week. The studio is such a beautiful and peaceful space. When I walk in, I feel the “Ahhhh” moment.  Yoga has definitely changed my life. It has helped me slow down and enjoy the simple things. It helped me grieve when I lost my Mom to cancer and it helps me handle the day-to-day stresses of life. I have taken several classes when traveling but nothing compares to classes at the Living Yoga studio.  I will grow old here.  🙂  Namaste’.”

Jill Makepeace

“Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  My time at Living Yoga is very special to me.  I have a sense of calm and peace after each class… and as always… so thankful that I came.  I have met many wonderful friends at Living Yoga and I enjoy sharing classes with each of them.  The instructors at Living Yoga are outstanding and very welcoming.  They provide just the right amount of encouragement, calm, peace and reminders to breathe… just when I need them!  They make me feel I am worthy and right where I need to be.  I have a stronger inner self… not to mention a stronger core!  I feel my days are blessed each and every time I end my practice with.. .Namaste!  Thank you Living Yoga!” 

Deb Titze

“I began yoga kind of kicking and screaming, being someone who really does not like to exercise.  The first benefit of yoga that I noticed was that my breathing changed.  I noticed that I was breathing deeper in my daily life.  Then I noticed other benefits.  My balance became better – I especially noticed that when I was on a ladder.  I noticed that my posture naturally improved.  One of the biggest benefits was that I no longer routinely needed to go to the chiropractor for neck problems.  Now, 600 classes later, after living the benefits, I wish I would have started practicing yoga years ago, but, better now than never.  Yoga has changed my life for the better.  I live that truth every day.  Lastly, the yoga studio and environment is a very positive experience each and every time I attend class.  This is made so by the yoga instructors and by the other students in the classes who are always welcoming and positive.”

Donna Howard

“Hi, My name is Carletta Hauck and I am a member of Living Yoga.  I have been going to yoga for a few weeks now and I am noticing some exciting changes already.  Last week, I went to class with a very stiff, sore neck.  I don’t know what we did but by the end of class I realized my neck was no longer sore and I could turn it side to side again.  In that same class, we were lying on our backs and the instructor asked us to “rock up to a seated position”.  Now I have a difficult time moving my body to get out of bed in the morning so I thought to myself. “no way, I cannot do that.”  But then it occurred to me to at least try and guess what?  I did it!  I felt so proud of myself and amazed that I could do it.  In just a few short weeks, I feel better and move better.  I am surprised how quickly yoga is helping me.  I didn’t expect to see changes so fast – and they motivate me to go back to class as often as I can.  Consistency is very important.  I am loving my yoga practice and am excited for more “aha” moments!”

Carletta Hauck

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