Reflections and Revelations

Insights, understandings and "aha" moments.

As a result of the ONE Retreat I experienced an awakening within myself – I felt love, respect, acceptance and direction.  I have begun a new chapter in my life since the weekend and it is more solid moving forward.  As a beginner to yoga I learned the history and experienced several different yoga styles throughout the weekend.  It was very comfortable at any level of experience.  I am inspired to go deeper within myself to bring forth my passion for serving and teaching others by walking beside them through their journeys.  It was lovely to connect with women from around the state who are like-minded, a few in my own community that I will be able to connect with.  Also, we were introduced to the healing power of singing bowls.  “Beautiful”  I look forward to next year!  Bev Vogel, Sioux Falls, SD

​If I had to sum up the ONE Yoga Retreat with one word,it would be “energized.”  The positive energy flow generated by almost 30 beautiful women was palpable.  Practicing with a variety of yogis gave me an opportunity to explore and enrich my experience on the mat.  Veronika’s amazing singing bowls and their penetrating vibrations healed body and soul in ways I could never have imagined.  Walking the labyrinth was not only a meditative journey, but the sharing of our stories afterwards was cathartic and inspiring.  It’s truly an amazing thing when women gather in mindfulness and common purpose.  It was a comfortable environment for all skill levels to enjoy and grow.  I know that my yoga practice has been brought to another level since the ONE retreat.  I can hardly wait for next year!  Dru Seward, Watertown, SD

When I reflect back on the ONE weekend, I feel a sense of being restored.  Spending time with like-minded people is both inspiring and calming.  There was an ease present along with a sense of community.  It was fun to see how quickly new friendships formed.  There was a balance of time to deepen my personal practice, experience new teachers, for solitude and fellowship.  I find myself returning often to the practices I learned that weekend.  When asked to express with ONE word to sum up the weekend I said “amazing”… because it was.  Gingi Hanson, Sioux Falls, SD

My weekend at One Retreat was amazing.  In each yoga practice or workshop session, I experienced something new.  From reminders about breathing from “your beautiful belly” to new ways to move your body ever so lightly (somatics) to make it feel better, I felt renewed and energized at the end of each day.  I felt at ONE with my body, mind and spirit, at ONE with nature (such a beautiful place), at ONE with the yoga community there and at ONE with my creator.  These feelings have continued to shine through my daily yoga practice.  Anne Steele, Sioux Falls, SD

 I had no expectations upon arrival at Joy Ranch for ONE.  I knew the surroundings and atmosphere were very appealing immediately… my kind of place filled with rustic, western decor.  When the agenda was presented I had no expectations as to what Singing Bowls, Mudra, Somatics and a Labyrinth was going to involve.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this foreign art physically and mentally, as I am not a regular yoga practitioner.  I was surprisingly relaxed and seemed to be in tune to what my body was experiencing throughout the weekend.  It was a terrific experience to a new venture.  When I got home, about 4 days later it occurred to me that my constant pain in my right hip and lower back had not bothered me since the retreat.  I felt “loose” and more relaxed.  I had not taken any Advil (a daily must) since I got home.  It made me realize that my body had experienced healing effects by the different relaxing, breathing, vibrations and stretching techniques.  I believe my experience at ONE over the weekend was a mind and body-changing experience.   Can’t wait for next year!  Vicki DeVine, Lakeville, MN