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Living Yoga has two great options for people who reside in Watertown and the surrounding area (30 miles) and are new to Living Yoga.
Both of these options include ongoing support from our professional staff who are committed to helping you reach your goals, needs and desires for your health and wellness.  Both of these options give you a taste of the luxuries of an unlimited membership – come to as many classes as you like over 10 days!  Both of these options give you the opportunity to dig in and discover what yoga can do for you – and why Living Yoga is THE place to practice yoga the way it’s meant to be practiced. Living Yoga is truly a sanctuary for the body, mind and heart.  We have a staff that is professional, well-trained, and passionate about helping you realize all that you desire for yourself. We want you to feel welcomed, accepted, and celebrated every time you walk through our doors. Are you ready? Great! We’re ready for YOU!

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Develop your understanding over the course of 4 weeks. Learn breath-work, correct alignment and foundation, yoga philosophy, benefits of meditation, and the “why’s” as well as the “how’s” behind the poses.

OPTION 2   Not Available At This Time
14-Day Trial Unlimited Membership
Take as many classes as you like!
Receive Studio Support & Guidance
Limited to new clients who reside in Watertown or surrounding area.

Recommended Classes for Beginners

Commit to You!

Gentle Yoga Flow | Gentle Yoga Stretch

These midday classes are perfect for new and existing students. The pace is slower, allowing time to explore the details of foundation and alignment. With consistent practice, you will build strength and flexibility in your body as well as a deeper understanding of how yoga can make a significant difference in your whole being – body, mind and spirit.  Gentle Yoga Flow: Monday @ 12:10-12:55pm and Gentle Yoga Stretch: Thursday @ 12:10-12:55 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a perfect class for beginners, for those who prefer not to get down on the floor, and for those who are experienced and would like some variety in their weekly yoga practice.  Contrary to what you may believe, chair yoga is like any other yoga practice – you can make it more or less challenging, depending on what you are needing that day.  This class is a perfect companion for Yoga Nidra guided meditation at 12:10.  Tuesday @ 11:00-11:45am.

Deep Stretch & Meditation

Treat your body to basic, deep stretches to improve flexibility and range of motion of all the major muscles and joints.  Stretches for your lower back, hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps will assist in the health of your spine and help alleviate low back pain.  Improve your posture by opening your chest and shoulders and strengthening your upper back and core. Deep Stretch is perfect for those recovering from illness or injury and those who want to focus on flexibility and range of motion for optimal breathing and body mechanics.  The class ends with a lovely 15-minute guided meditation to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Wednesday @ 8:45am

Slow Flow

Gentle Flow is a beginning level “flow” class where you link the breath with the movement of the body.  You will receive excellent instruction on foundation, breathing, use of props and overall technique.  Learn the Sun Salutations and enjoy slower-paced flow sequences.  Wednesday @ 4:30pm & Friday @ 8:45am 

Yoga Calm

Warm Yoga Calm is a lovely combination of Hatha yoga, restorative yoga and guided meditation.  First you will open your body and calm your mind with mindful, longer-held poses that will work out the stress, tension and stiffness from your day. Feeling refreshed and grounded, you are ready to enjoy a guided meditation and/or restorative yoga that will complete your journey to inner peace and calm. Warm Yoga Calm is the perfect class to release the stress and busy-ness of your day and week. Thursdays @ 5:30pm

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice of guided meditation that brings you to a state of consciousness that is between wakefulness and sleep – the hypnogogic state.  Lying on your back supported with blankets and bolsters, you simply relax and listen to your teacher’s voice guiding you through breath awareness, images, bodily sensations and a rotation of consciousness through the body itself.  With consistent practice Yoga Nidra is both healing and transformative – and all you do is relax and listen! Street clothes are appropriate attire for Yoga Nidra. Tuesdays @ 11:45-12:30pm.