Benefits Of Yoga

Scientific research is providing more and more information about the numerous benefits of yoga.  Mental Health practitioners, medical practitioners, educators, professional athletic coaches as well as many other groups of professionals are endorsing yoga as a practice that can help improve the quality of our lives.  Here are some of the ways yoga can benefit you:

Physical Benefits
·      Calms the nervous system
·      Improves muscle tone and strength
·      Improves muscle flexibility
·      Improves joint mobility
·      Improves balance
·      Strengthens immune system
·      Aids in proper digestion
·      Strengthens respiratory system
·      Nourishes spinal disks
·      Improves posture
·      Honors your physical body

Mental/Emotional Benefits
·      Provides stress relief
·      Improves focus
·      Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety
·      Increases clarity
·      Quiets the “monkey mind’ chatter
·      Increases sense of calm, peace and contentment
·      Encourages acceptance of “what it”
·      Improves self-confidence
·      Increases self-acceptance

Personal Benefits
·      Encourages a positive relationship with self and with your body
·      Provides space for reflection
·      Enhances connection and relationship with nature
·      Encourages an attitude of gratitude
·      Practice for being present in the moment
·      Increases feeling of being grounded, stable and centered
·      Practice for patience, compassion and love towards self and others.

The best way to learn the benefits of yoga is to experience them.  Living Yoga invites you to experience the benefits of yoga in our beautiful yoga studio.  We are a supportive, non-judgmental and caring community of teachers and students ready to welcome you through our door.